My Steam Fair Project, Solar Powered Ovens

Last week we had Steam Fair. If you don’t know, Steam stands for science, technology, arts, and mathematics. I worked individually and my project was about solar-powered ovens. I compared 3 solar-powered oven designs and tested which one is the best. I was excited to see which solar oven was the best and which one could raise the temperature the highest. Something that surprised me was that when we did the test, outside it was cold, windy and 2 degrees celsius but the umbrella got to 53 degrees celsius! I was surprised because I didn’t expect the umbrella to get the temperature that high in cold weather. I was nervous about not finishing the building in time but I was completely fine and finished early.

I hope to do this again next year!


Here is my Steam Fair Video Presentation!

Paragraph Of The Week #6

With winter just around the corner, does it bring you a sense of excitement with the break approaching or a sense of dread with colder weather? What do you most look forward to in winter or what do you wish you could most avoid?

With winter break approaching, I am excited about a few things. I don’t love a lot about winter but the things I like are my favorite things. I am very excited to go skiing, I only go skiing about 2 times every winter but I really want to go way more. Another thing I love to do in the winter is skating and stickhandling on an outdoor rink with no padding and with just sweatpants, sweatshirts, and a pom-pom hat. I hope I do these things a lot this winter because I love to do these activities. I don’t like winter because it’s cold, you have to wear a snow jacket, and snow pants, you also can’t play the sports you usually play outside. A good thing about it being cold is there are no bugs outside. 

What Movie Or Show Made An Impact On Me? (Paragraph Of The Week #2)

This is what I wrote on what movie made an impact on me:

A movie that really had me thinking and made an impact was a movie called Eight Below. Eight Below is about surviving in the arctic with dogs. The dogs are in a pack and they move their sled whenever they need to go somewhere. One day the owner of the dogs had to leave them and fly somewhere. He said he would come back in a few days but really it was months. He was sad and thought the dogs were dead but he came back and saw that they weren’t there anymore and they ran off to survive. He then called them and looked around and saw they survived and ran back to him. This made an impact because it’s nice to see that the dogs survived and that the dogs were smart enough to get food and water to survive.


What Makes Me Happy When I’m Sad? (Paragraph Of The Week #4)

This is what I wrote in class about what makes me happy when I’m sad:

One of the things that makes me happy when I’m sad is playing video games.  When I play video games it’s something I love to do and I enjoy it. Also, it’s nice and calming to rest by playing video games. Playing video games is proven to improve your mental health and make you happier even when you’re sad. My favorite video games are Minecraft Java and Overwatch. When playing these games when I’m sad I would mostly always feel happier.

What Makes Me Happy? (Paragraph Of The Week #3)

In class my teacher wanted us to talk about what makes us happy.

This is what I wrote:

One of the things that makes me the happiest is playing video games. You might wonder how that makes someone happy? Well for me, when I play video games it’s something I love to do and I enjoy it. Also, it’s nice and calming to chill and rest by playing video games. Playing video games is proven to improve your mental health and make you happier. It is also proven that video games have shown improvements in mood, reductions in stress, and feelings of competence and autonomy resulting from playing video games. My favorite video games are Minecraft Java and Overwatch. When playing these games I feel happier and calmer while resting.

A Quality I Look For In A Friend (Paragraph Of The Week #1)

In class our teacher wanted us to make a paragraph about what quality we want in a friend, here is my paragraph about the quality I chose that is most important.

This is the paragraph I wrote:

A quality I look for in a friend is kindness. I think kindness is important because if you are not kind, you’re not nice and then no one wants to be your friend. I admire kind friends because they are nice and want to do things with you. Kindness is also good because it makes other people feel nice and helps with relationships by being nice, friendly, and generous. When people are kind I feel more willing to cooperate with them and do things with them.

Me In Numbers!

In math class, we had an assignment where we have to tell our personality in numbers. Here is my slide about me in numbers!

Middle School Retreat

At the start of the year, we had a middle school retreat. If you don’t know what a retreat is, it’s basically a field trip with grades 6, 7, and 8. Our theme was re-building community. On Monday we did an obstacle course, on Tuesday we did White Water Rafting, and finally, on Wednesday it was a short day, we ended at 12:00. I really liked the obstacle course and the White Water Rafting. I wish we could do more retreats in the year like this one.

My Field Trip Memories

In Hebrew class, we are learning about field trips, so our teacher asked us to write about an old field trip that we remember.

In English:

A few years ago my class went on a field trip, I don’t remember where but I remember that there was a game we played about predators and prey. It was basically tag but there were groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We played in a forest where there were mud, puddles and lots of trees we had to avoid. You could only stay in the lines of the forest so we didn’t wander off.

We had groups and we stayed together. I would play this game again because it was very fun and I got to be with my friends.

In Hebrew:

לפני כמה שנים הכיתה שלי נסעה לטיול, אני לא זוכר איפה אבל אני זוכר שהיה משחק ששיחקנו על טורפים ונטרפים. זה היה בעצם מעין משחק תופסת. היו כמה קבוצות: קבוצה של טורפים, קבוצה של אוכלי עשב וקבוצה של אוכלי כל. שיחקנו ביער. היה שם בוץ, שלוליות והמון עצים שהיינו צריכים להימנע מהם. היינו צריכים להישאר רק בגבולות היער כדי שלא ניעלם למורים שלנו. הייתי משחק את המשחק הזה שוב כי זה היה מאוד כיף ואני ממש מתגעגע להיות עם החברים שלי