My Field Trip Memories

In Hebrew class, we are learning about field trips, so our teacher asked us to write about an old field trip that we remember.

In English:

A few years ago my class went on a field trip, I don’t remember where but I remember that there was a game we played about predators and prey. It was basically tag but there were groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We played in a forest where there were mud, puddles and lots of trees we had to avoid. You could only stay in the lines of the forest so we didn’t wander off.

We had groups and we stayed together. I would play this game again because it was very fun and I got to be with my friends.

In Hebrew:

לפני כמה שנים הכיתה שלי נסעה לטיול, אני לא זוכר איפה אבל אני זוכר שהיה משחק ששיחקנו על טורפים ונטרפים. זה היה בעצם מעין משחק תופסת. היו כמה קבוצות: קבוצה של טורפים, קבוצה של אוכלי עשב וקבוצה של אוכלי כל. שיחקנו ביער. היה שם בוץ, שלוליות והמון עצים שהיינו צריכים להימנע מהם. היינו צריכים להישאר רק בגבולות היער כדי שלא ניעלם למורים שלנו. הייתי משחק את המשחק הזה שוב כי זה היה מאוד כיף ואני ממש מתגעגע להיות עם החברים שלי

My 𝗗𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺 Vacation

My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii.

The importance of using sensory language is so the reader feels more there in the story.

If I would change anything I would write a little bit faster so I don’t have to rush.

I would prepare differently with thinking before of what kind of story I will write.

I learned that writing with sensory language is very fun because you can really feel like you are there.


My Drawing⬇  My Dream Vacation





Grade 6 City Project

In French class my teacher wanted us to make a city on slides, so I did that. She wanted us to write the directions, label all the landmarks, roads, and more!

🚀 My Tinkercad Space Shuttle 🚀

In Science my teacher wanted us to make a rocket with the program Tinkercad. I wanted to make a space shuttle because I think they are more interesting. My space shuttle is named The Challenger because that is the real name of the space shuttle.

My Winter Break Poem

In class my teacher wanted us to make a poem about our winter break, Here it is!

During my winter break, I went for a skate.

It was very fun, but I had to wait.

So basically that meant, I was late.

I also went tobogganing.

And man, I was rocketing.

I flew down the hill, as fast as a cheetah.

When I was done, I also ate some pita.

I played my favorite video game.

The Minecraft champion, I became.

I played with friends mostly every day. 

When they said let’s do this I said okay.

I went on some walks, with my family.

It was fun but I got pretty bored but that’s not manly.

I played some hockey.

I wasn’t really talky.

I was just like a man.

Walking through the streets when I began.

Seeing some stuff. It was a snowman!

At the end of the break.

I went back to school and wish I could have cake

My Favourite Video Game

My favourite video game is Minecraft, Minecraft is a game with only blocks. Minecraft has 2 gamemodes such as Survival and Creative. Survival is where you have to survive and you can get hurt also you have to gather resources. Creative is where you have all resources and you cant get hurt so you don’t have to do any work gathering materials. Survival is more for surviving. Creative is for building. There are even severs. Severs are like worlds you join with minigames, for example, Hypixel is the most popular Minecraft server reaching 18 MILLION unique players in April 2020. Did you know? 126 million users play Minecraft.

This are some reasons why Minecraft is my favorite game

My bibliography

Hypxiel Infomation 

Equality And Equity

In social studies, my teacher asked us to make a project about equality and equity. In my equality and equity project, I chose to make a video with Jaxon and Maor. It was very fun making a project about equality and equity because we could do whatever we want in iMovie. I learned what equality and equity are and how it works! I would do this project again because it was super fun and very exciting

Here Is My Video

Here is Jaxon and Maor’s blog!

🔥 𝙈𝙮 𝕱𝖎𝖗𝖊 𝙍𝙤𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙩 🔥

In Science, my teacher wanted us to make a rocket and do it by our self. If I did this video again I would talk more about the four forces of flight. I made a rocket with a red drip and a fire design. I learned that you need everything near perfect for your rocket to fly. I should have worked more on the rocket because I focused mostly on the design.                                 I LOVED building my rocket and flying it in the air and I would do this again.