My Minecraft House

A 4-5 weeks ago, my teacher wanted us to build a zoo or our house in Minecraft. If you don’t know what Minecraft is it’s where everything is blocks you can either try to survive or be creative and build anything! I built my house. It took a few weeks to get it all done but now it’s finally done. Here is a timelapse that shows me creating some of my house!



My teacher wanted us to find something in our house and blog about all of the energy that it has! I chose my fireplace

My fireplace has

  • Electrical Energy
  • Radiant Energy
  • Light Energy
  • Potential Energy
  • Solar Energy

It has Electrical Energy because it’s electric. It has Radiant Energy because it brings heat and light. It has light Energy. It has Light Energy because it has light. It has Potential Energy because when it’s not on it has Potential Energy. Also it had Solar Energy because there is wind and heat coming out of it.

Steam Fair

Last week it was Steam Fair. Steam Fair is where you build stuff and presented it to other people. My project was called What Is The Dirtiest Place In School I found out by rubbing bread on your object which in a matter of time there will be mold. My presentation worked a little there was a dot on the bread that I rubbed on my teachers desk. the other pieces has not grown mold yet. If you don’t know Steam stands for…

Science                                                                                                                                                                                              Technology                                                                                                                                                                                            Engineering                                                                                                                                                                                            Art                                                                                                                                                                                                              Math

In Steam Fair I did not have or want a partner. On my board there was 6 pieces of bread they were named…

  • Untouched
  • My teacher’s desk
  • Kids hands
  • Washroom door handle
  • Water fountain button
  • School computers

Even though it did not work it was still super fun!

The Pirate, The Princess And Me, The Rat.

      The Pirate, The Princess and Me, The Rat        Written by Linda Bailey.


The Pirate, The Princess and Me, The Rat is a short story written by Linda Bailey. This story is a fiction story. The first reason why is because rats can’t talk. The reason I think this is because in the book the main character is the rat, and the rat is telling us about everything so is this was a real story the rat would not be talking. Also you can see in the picture he has a mini suitcase, a mini shirt mini sunscreen and mini sunglasses! Rats don’t have humans stuff even if they did rats can’t get mini stuff from us. On the third page the princess wouldn’t pick up a rat and be friends with it. Also the rat would not help someone if they’re in jail. And the rat should have no clue about communicating because you don’t speak English. In the last page in the picture the rat imagines she has jewellery and all fancy stuff like earrings and bracelets The crown and the necklace. That’s why I think it is a Fiction story.


Conner Mcdavid

Conner Mcdavid

In math our Teacher asked us if we can choose a graph and make a story about it. There were three graphs. I picked the first graphg
Conner Mcdavid was the first round pick in July 3 2015. He was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers. First three month he got paid two million dollars Canadian. Then he kept getting paid two million for year. Then the next year he wasn’t a rookie anymore. he was top two best hockey players. He got paid ten million dollars then eleven million dollars. Then finally the most paid in the NHL thirteen million dollars.

My Avatar

Here’s a picture of my avatar!

I choose my hoodie to be red because it’s my favourite colour. I also have glasses and I like my hair to the side


Student Vote

2 weeks ago me and my class did Student Vote. If you don’t know what Student Vote is it’s were students vote on the Canadian election. Me and my friend, his name is Maor we were the first to present. We did our project about the Conservative party. Here’s a link to the website I used.