The Pirate, The Princess And Me, The Rat.

      The Pirate, The Princess and Me, The Rat        Written by Linda Bailey.


The Pirate, The Princess and Me, The Rat is a short story written by Linda Bailey. This story is a fiction story. The first reason why is because rats can’t talk. The reason I think this is because in the book the main character is the rat, and the rat is telling us about everything so is this was a real story the rat would not be talking. Also you can see in the picture he has a mini suitcase, a mini shirt mini sunscreen and mini sunglasses! Rats don’t have humans stuff even if they did rats can’t get mini stuff from us. On the third page the princess wouldn’t pick up a rat and be friends with it. Also the rat would not help someone if they’re in jail. And the rat should have no clue about communicating because you don’t speak English. In the last page in the picture the rat imagines she has jewellery and all fancy stuff like earrings and bracelets The crown and the necklace. That’s why I think it is a Fiction story.


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  1. Great post Joey!

    If the prompt for this post was how to determine if something is fiction or nonfiction…mission accomplished! But is it a good book of fiction? Did you like it? Would you recommend it to others? What is your review of the book?

    Keep up the great work!


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